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Description: One component contact cement.

  Technical Characteristics:

Polimer base: Polychloroprene
Solid Content (%NV): 25 ± 2%
Approximate specific weight: 0.860 kg/litre.
Viscosity Brookfield LVF = 3.000 to 4.500 cPoises. 22 ± 4°C
Color: Slightly yellow cream.

Stability: Good stability during 6 months if stored well sealed in a cool dry place.

Drying: Rapid drying time of approximately 15 minutes, depending on type of materials, their porosity, humidity, room temperature and the amount of adhesive applied.

Open Time:
   a) Cold contact bonding: Short of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on above mentioned factors.
   b) By Heat reactivation: exposure to adequate thermal reactivator (Infrared, flash, etc.), to rise the reactivation temperature = 80-90°C,after the contact open time has passed and untill 3 days after glueing.

Specific Properties: Rapid contact cement with high initial strengh and good plastic and rubber adhesion. High heat resistance.

Specific Applications: A reliable adhesive for cementing wood and presses wood to plastics, rubbers, metals, etc. Adequate for work in car bodywork, construction, carpentry, home appliances, home decoration, etc.

Packing: Tin-cans of 20, 10 and 5 litres; tins of 1 litre.

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