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Spray TR-85Spray TR-85

Spray TR-85

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 Adhesive for foam bonding.

 Applications: For cementing polyurethane foam to itself to wood, metal, etc., in the Upholstery Industry.

 Properties: Can be applied by aerografic or airless spray gun. The adhesive can be tinted blue to visually facilitate the glueing process. Very good sprayability. The product dries quickly and does not cause the foam to swell. Very high tack. Open time very long. Rapid develope of the union's strength.

 Technical characteristics:

Description: One component contact adhesives with a base of synthetic rubber.
Solvent: Inflammable. Should not be inhaled.
Viscosity: Brookfield LVF: 100-150 cP. (unit:1cP=viscosity of water).
Solids Content (NV): 30 +/-1%
Stability: Good stability for minimum 6 months, if containers are well sealed and stored in a cool-dry place.

 Application instructions:

Cementing: Cement should be applied on both faces. The materials to be cemented should be dry and free of dirt, dust, oil, etc.
Minimum recommended drying time: From 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the amount applied, pulverization distance, initial strengh needed, temperature and humidity. The materials may be stuck together almost inmediately after glueing.
Open Time (Work Time): Several hours after glueing, depending on above mentioned factors.
Diameter of nozzle: 1.5 mm.

Pulverization pressure: 3-4 atm. (Kg/cm2).
Pulverization Distance: 20/40 cm. for a uniform cover, as a paint-like pattern At longer distances the cover will be noticeably less uniform, although it will dry faster its aggressive tack will not be reduced nor will it form cobweb, even if sprayed from a one meter distance.
Cleaning: The spray gun should be cleaned after each use with an adequate solvent, such as our DISOLVENTE N.

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