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 Non-flammable adhesive for foam bonding.

 Applications: For cementing polyurethane foam to itself, to felt, textiles, leather, wood , metal, etc, in the upholstery and mattress industries.

 Properties: Should be applied by air or airless spray gun. The adhesive can be coloured in blue, to visually facilitate the glueing process. Very good sprayability. The product dries quickly and does not cause the foam to swell. Very high tack. Suitable open time. High initial strength and short setting time. Adequate heat resistance.
Because its non-flammability, it´s specially suitable to avoid the fire risk due to electrostatic charges often present at foams.

  Technical data:

Description: Contact solvent based adhesive, 1 component.
Solvent: Non-flammable. It contains Dichlormethane.
Viscosity: Brookfield LVF: 150-500 cP. a 22 +/- 4ºC
Specific gravity: 1.23 g/cm3
Solid content (NV): 25 +/-2%
Stability: Good stability for a 12 month period, if containers are well sealed and stored in a cold-dry place between 10 and 30 ºC.
Packing: Tin-cans of 23 kg. Drums of 250 kg.

  Application instructions:

 Cementing: Cement should be applied as a thin layer on one or both sides, depending on the initial strength needed. The materials to be cemented should be dry and free of dirt, dust, oil, etc.
 Open time: The materials may be stuck together almost instantaneously after glueing.
   Application on one side only: Bonding must be made in wet until 1-2 minutes, depending on the applied amount, temperature and air ventilation.
   Application on both sides: Until 2-4 hours after glueing, depending on above mentioned factors.
Diameter of nozzle: 1,5 –2 mm.
Pulverization pressure: 2-3 bar (Kg/cm2).
Pulverization Distance: 20/30 cm. for a uniform cover, as a paint-like pattern.

  Cleaning: The spray gun should be cleaned after each use with an adequate solvent, such as our DISOLVENTE NI-3.

 Work hazard: See the Safety Data Sheet.

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