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Celloprene  P-3571 TransparentCelloprene P-3571 Transparent

Celloprene P-3571 Transparent

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  Description and applications: One component polychloroprene based adhesive, spray application, for tose applications that require and adhesive with high initial strength and heat resistance, for the bonding of stratified plastics to fiber wood in wood sector industry, in post-forming process. The adhesive will be red for a better view of the gluing.


Solid content (%): 18 ± 1.5%
Viscosity (Brookfield LVF ), mPa.s a 22 ± 4°C: 100 - 400
Hardener: It does not admit hardener.

 Instructions for use: Adhesive is specially created for spray application, followed by drying in oven, heat activation and good press, all of them as fast processes. Adhesive must be applied to both surfaces that are to be bond and in a proportional quantity to the porosity of the materials.

 Properties: Very fast drying time and crystallization. Very short open time (5-10 minutes in normal conditions). It is recommended that bonding is always done by heat activation. Very high initial strength. Maximum strength of the union appears 24-72 hours after the bonding.

Work hazards:  Easy flammable product. See the safety data sheet.

Stability: Good stability during 6 months, if stored well sealed in a cool-dry place.

Packing: Tin-cans of 20, 10 and 5 litres.

 Our indications are based on serious laboratory studies and our experience, but do not excuse the user to make their own experiments, because the materials diversity and the different ways of use that escape to our control, make their application be under your complete responsability.

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