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Tyrocol P-30Tyrocol P-30

Tyrocol P-30

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 A water-borne adhesive based on PVA (polyvinyl acetate). Non-flammable, non toxic. General purpose adhesive in carpentry for soft woods and for the wrapping of wood sheets, as universal cheap adhesive, with long open time , not recommendable for high requirement works like fast assembling or bonding of hard massive woods

 Technical characteristics:

Solids Content: 62 +/- 3%
Viscosity Brookfield RVF: 100-250 Poises, at 22 +/- 4ºC
Minimum Temperature for film formation (MTFF): + 9 ºC, aprox.
Class. UNE EN 204-205: D-2

 Application instructions:

Environmental and materials affects open and pressing time importantly, making it shortening with heat and getting longer with cold.

Environmental and material temperatures: 18-20 ºC
Wood humidity: 10-12%
Environmental humidity: 60-70%
Application quantity: Assembling: 160-200 g/m2
Wood sheets: 100-140 g/m2
Open time: maximum 15 minutes at 20ºC
Time under a Pressure in cold assembling:
   60 minutes in wood sheets
   90 minutes in stratified wood
in hot assembling (80-90ºC): 5 to 10 minutes

Storage stability: Good for 6 months in a cool and dry place and between +15ºC and 30ºC.

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