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Insodur RFInsodur RF

Insodur RF

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 It is a hardener, medium crosslinking speed, enough for almost all the applications; for natural rubber based, polychloroprene based and polyurethane solvent based adhesives. It improves the bondings heat resistance and also the resistance to grease, oils plastifiers and organic solvents. It also improves the adhesion to rubbers of difficult bonding.


Chemical composition: 20 +/- 2% solution of a polyisocionate in ethyl acetate
NCO content (%): 6.1 +/- 0.2 %
Colour: Yellowish to brown clear liquid
Density: Aprox. 0.96 gr/cc at 20ºC

  Storage stability: The product in its original aluminium packing well sealed is stable for 6 months, stored in a cool-dry. Once began using it, product must be maintain in its original packing, protected from humidity and sun light. It is recommended to be used in a short time after opening it ( few days ).

 Work hazards: It contains isocyanates. Highly flammable liquid. See the Safety Data Sheet.

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