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Montarol 260 FMontarol 260 F

Montarol 260 F

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 Solvent based contact adhesive. One-component. It does not admit hardener.

  Technical characteristics:

Polimer based: Polichloroprene.
Solid Content (NV): 22 ± 2%
Brookfield Viscosity LVF = 2.200 a 3.200 m Pa.s (centiPoises) at 22 ± 4ºC
Colour: Light Brown.
Stability: Good stability during 6 months, if stored well sealed in a cool-dry place.

Drying time: 20-25 minutes, depending on the materials and room conditions.
Open time:
  a) Contact cold bonding: Long, 25 minutes till 6 - 8 hours.
  b) By heat activation bonding: exposure to adequate thermal activator (infrared, flash etc.) till 65-75 ºC, after cold contact open time has been exceed.

 Specific properties: Contact bonding adhesive with very high tack and very long open time with moderate heat resistance.

 Specific Applications: For cold lasting of leather shoes. For auxiliary works in shoe production, such as folding, lining etc.

 Packing: Tin-cans of 20, 10 and 5 liters.

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