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Plastikol P-1HR/68Plastikol P-1HR/68

Plastikol P-1HR/68

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 Polyurethane adhesive for basically sticking with a short assembly time. Specially used in the shoe industry as one or two component cement for heat activation bonding of the upper to the sole, with the suitable preparation, when greater initial strength and higher heat resistance are needed. The rubber soles should neccesarily be prepared by hallogenation with our SOLUCION HALOGENANTE.

 The adhesive has a short drying time and fast setting time, suitable for very rapid cementing processes and for high plastified PVC soles bonding. In the cases in which it is needed a higher heat, water, oil and grease resistance, it is advisable its used mixed with a 5% of Insodur (hardener).


 Technical data:

Solid content (%): 15.5 % +/- 1
Brookfield LVF viscosity (3.12) = 4.500 - 5.500
Reactivation temperature (ºC): 70-80
Hot open time: Short.

 Instructions for use: Make the adequate previous preparation of the bonding materials, glue upper and sole and let them dry a minimum of 20-30 minutes in normal room conditions. Highly porous materials may need two coats of adhesive. To bond by heat activation: exposure to adequate thermal reactivator (Infrared, flash, etc.) till 75-85ºC. If the adhesive has been used as one component, the reactivation can be done even days or weeks after glueing. If it has been used mixed with Insodur, till a maximum of 2-3 hours.

 Work hazards: Easy flammable product (F). Avoid continued inhalation of their vapours.

 Stability: Good stability for a minimum of 6 months, if containers are well sealed and stored in a cool-dry place.

 Packed in tin-cans of 20 and 5 liters.

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