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About Us

 Floxer Ltd. was established on 18th of November 1998. Its activity commenced with trading with shoes, leather and haberdashery, ready-to-wear clothes and furniture materials. In the course of years it has specialized exclusively in the sale of materials which find application in shoe industry.

  The company deals with export and import of materials for shoe industry from Italy, Spain and Holland. The offered materials include: soles, toe-caps, counters, artificial and real leather, adhesives, tacks, threads and shoe accessories. The strategic position of Plovdiv allows effective coverage of customers, major part of which are located in the cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Gabrovo, Omurtag, Ruse and Peshtera. Due to the experience we have gained in the years and the contacts we have established, our customers are getting more and more. One of the reasons is the good quality of the offered goods and the polite attitude. The company also has new vans for delivering goods to the customer`s door.

  The other service we provide for our customers is maintenance and complete technical consultation for the adhesives we offer.

  I believe the reputation of the company is on a high level because our customers are:

    The products we presently offer are:
  • Artificial leather
  • Artificial lining
  • Thermal toe-caps
  • Thermal counters
  • Thermal adhesives
  • Sole materials
  • Hot linings
  • Liquid adhesives
  • Finishing materials
  • Tacks, threads
    Our suppliers are:
  • INSOCO – Spain
  • IRS – Italy
  • CPT – Italy
  • LANZI – Italy
  • ESSEBI – Italy
  • ACI – Italy
  • MADIK – Italy
  • Arbanasi AD – town of Veliko Tarnovo