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Tyrocol P-10Tyrocol P-10

Tyrocol P-10

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  Description and Applications: A water-borne adhesive based on PVA (polyvinyl acetate). Non-inflammable, non toxic. To be used in Carpentry and in the Furniture Industry as a rapid glue for assembling by pneumatic press, HPL bonding with very short press times, etc. It is suitable for very demanding wood-working.

 Technical characteristics:

Solids Content (Non-volatile at 105 +/-2ºC): 57,5 +/- 3%
Viscosity Brookfield RVF (s6,20rpm): 125-275 Poises at 22 +/- 4ºC
Minimum Temperature for film formation (MTFF): +8 ºC, aprox
Classification UNE EN 204-205: D-2

  Working characteristics:

Glueing: One way only.
Sticking: Wet
Open Time: Short, 3 to 4 minutes maximum, at room temperature 20ºC, relative humidity 65%; on standard beech wood (150 g/m2)
Time under Pressure: Very short, 4 to 7 minutes, minimum (assemblage)

Storage stability: Good for 6 months, well sealed and stored between +15ºC and +30 ºC.