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Celloprene BRC-22Celloprene BRC-22

Celloprene BRC-22

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 Solvent based contact adhesive. One component. It does not admit hardener

 Technical characteristics:

Polimer based: Polichloroprene.
Solid Content (NV): 23 +/- 2%
Brookfield Viscosity LVF = 2.200 a 3.000 mPa.s (centiPoises), at 22 +/- 4ºC
Colour: Light Brown.
Stability: Good stability during 6 months, if stored well sealed in a cool-dry place.
Drying time: 20-30 minutes, depending on the materials and room conditions.
Open time:
   a) Contact cold bonding: 20 - 90 minutes, approx.
   b) Heat activation bonding: exposure to adequate thermal activator (infrared, flash etc.) till 70-80 ºC, after cold contact open time has been exceed.

Specific Properties: Standard contact adhesive, with high tack and long open time for cold bonding. Good green strength and heat resistance.

Specific Applications: Specially developed for contact bonding of leather, resin rubber soles and EVA micro cellular soles in shoemaking and leather goods. Sole pre manufacturing, plastic heels covering, etc.

Work hazards: Easy flammable liquid. See the Security Data Sheet.

Packing: Tin-cans of 20, 10 y 5 liters.

  Our indications are based on serious laboratory studies and our experience, but do not excuse the user to make their own tests, because the materials diversity and the different use conditions, make yours the responsibility of their applications.

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